Important Meeting – System’s Annual Articulation & Transfer Meeting

The Office of Higher Education recently issued an invitation to attend the System’s Annual Articulation  & Transfer Meeting on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 1:30pm in Faculty Dining Center at Rhode Island College. The Provost strongly encourages you to attend.  Since so many of our students transfer among the three public RI institutions, it is important to continue conversations with each other.  It is essential that every department be represented in this process.  If you are unable to attend, please designate a colleague who can participate in this meeting. A response to the meeting notice should be sent to Deanna Velletri by telephone (456-6010) or by email (

Below we have included additional information from RIOHE:

The annual transfer meeting provides an opportunity for chairs and program directors to establish the course and program agreements that assist students transferring within the Rhode Island higher education system.  The resulting agreements, which are accessible at RI Transfers (, are used extensively by students, faculty, advisors, and enrollment management staff.

The work of establishing new agreements and reviewing existing agreements culminates with this meeting which makes it essential that departments be represented.  If unable to attend, the chairs should designate a colleague who will participate in this meeting and negotiate agreements on behalf of the department.  We ask that RIOHE be notified of the representatives attending so that materials can be prepared. Chairs and program directors should also view this meeting as an opportunity to discuss new programs or other changes that are under consideration.

RIOHE will send meeting materials and other pertinent information to the chairs; a response to the meeting notice should be sent to Deanna Velletri by telephone (456-6010) or by email (