Brian Maynard


Professor Maynard is a native of Delaware and alumnus of UDel and Cornell University. He joined the Plant Sciences faculty in 1992 as a landscape plants expert supporting the Rhode Island green industry and teaching a wide variety of horticulture courses. Dr. Maynard lives in Peace Dale where he and his spouse raised three sons. He is an avid gardener, landscaper, hiker and naturalist. Dr. Maynard has won teaching and extension awards, a Gold Medal from the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, as well as Fellow and Award of Merit honors from the International Plant Propagator’s Society.


Dr. Maynard teaches courses in Plant Propagation, Landscape Management, Arboriculture, Landscape Plants, Horticultural Plant Production and Field Botany and Taxonomy. He has also taught Herbaceous Garden Plants, Nursery Production, and specialty courses in horticulture. His decades of research has focused on plant propagation and production. Dr. Maynard also serves as faculty advisor to the Greenhouse Range, URI Horticulture Club and the Rope & Saddle (Climbing) Club. He manages two websites: and and serves as treasurer to The Horticultural Club of Boston, The Rhode Island Wild Plant Society, and the International Plant Propagator’s Society Eastern Region Foundation.


Cornell University, Ph.D. 1990.
Cornell University, M.S., 1986.
University of Delaware, B.S. Ag., 1983

Selected Publications

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