Find your place in the living world

At the College of the Environment and Life Sciences, you’ll deepen your understanding of the living world and your place within it. 

The work that happens here is rooted in our land- and sea-grant mission, and connected to the needs of the local, regional, and global communities. Our faculty researchers work collaboratively across disciplines, drawing from a broad, inclusive field of human knowledge to make critical discoveries within their fields. URI’s core research facilities and specialized labs offer the latest technologies that will enable you to gather field data, synthesize vast amounts of information, and develop solutions to real world challenges. Whether you are interested in urban food systems; protecting marine wildlife; understanding what makes an organism adapt and an ecosystem thrive; or assisting policy makers in the shift towards renewable energy and sustainable natural resource management, you’ll find your place here.

Elisabeth Herron stands next to a waterway in Wakefield, RI. As the program coordinator for the URI Watershed Watch program, Rhode Island’s largest volunteer water quality monitoring program, she is actively involved in assessing water quality and watershed conditions throughout the state, including lakes, ponds, streams, salt ponds and marine beaches.

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Applied research is at the core of what we do. As a land-grant and sea-grant university, our researchers and students work closely with communities to share knowledge and apply it to everyday lives.

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