Pesticide Safety Education Program

In Rhode Island, a Pesticide License is required to use General Use Pesticides (GUP) commercially. Most pesticides used in landscaping: such as weed and feed products and insecticides for grub and insect control are GUP’s as well as most household and mosquito control products. In order to use Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP), applicators will need a Pesticide Certification in specific categories of use such as Termite, Right-of-Way, or Farming.

URI Pesticide Safety Exam Preparation Class

URI Pesticide Safety Exam Preparation Class, now available via zoom, will help students understand the principles of pesticide application and RI Pesticide Control Law to prepare for the RI Department of Environmental Management’s license exam.

Class is 2.5 hours long and will consist of a live interactive online presentation covering the information needed to help applicants pass the RI commercial pesticide license exam given by RIDEM. study materials for the pesticide license are available for download when you register for the training. The cost is $175.00. Classes are held on a monthly basis. 

Registration and Manuals

Type of RI Pesticide Licenses

  • Commercial Applicator License is required if you work for hire to apply “general use” (GUP) pesticides to control pests
  • Commercial Applicator Certification is required if you work for hire to apply “restricted use” (RUP) pesticides
  • Pesticide Dealer Certification is required if you sell “restricted use” (RUP) pesticides.
  • Private Applicator Certification is required to use “restricted use” (RUP) pesticides on agricultural commodities (e.g. vegetables, fruit, turf). No license/certification is required for general use agricultural pesticides.

Pesticide license and class registration

To obtain a pesticide applicators license to use General Use Products (GUP)

  1. Contact DEM to schedule an exam which is given in person at 235 Promenade St, Providence. -RIDEM | 401-222-2781 x74513
  2. Download for free or purchase study materials
  3. Sign up for URI’s online Pesticide Safety Exam Preparation Class: Classes are offered frequently, please check the registration page for dates.


Commercial applicators are required to obtain 8 recertification credits within every 5-year period after your initial license or certification. Private applicators are required to obtain 6 recertification credits every 5-year period after your initial certification. The Pesticide Safety Exam Preparation Class will provide 2 recertification credits for licensed or private applicators.

Category training/testing

Pesticide Certification is required to use Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP). Testing is offered by appointment with the RI DEM for Private Applicators- Farming, Dealers and specific use categories.  Contact RIDEM for certification tests in any categories desired and purchase self-study books through Cornell University Bookstore

Categories for certification include Farming Commodities: Small Fruit, Tree Fruit, Nursery Crops, Turf, Vegetable, and Christmas Trees. Dealers Certification, Agricultural Plants, Forestry, Turf and Ornamentals, Tree Care, Aquatic, Right-of-Way, Structural Pests, Termites & Wood Destroying Pests, Mosquito & Biting flies, Public Health, Regulatory, Research & Demonstration.