Change of Catalog Year (Requirement Term)

The catalog year (requirement term) is what ties the student to the catalog year curriculum that they are required to follow and determines the contract of degree requirements a student must fulfill in order to graduate. This contract governs all requirements: General Education, Major, University, etc.

Therefore, any changes to a student’s catalog year may result in additional, reduced or updated requirements. Any adjustments for courses no longer offered, or for program changes will require a “program exception”.

change of catalog year form
  • Generally, the catalog year defaults to the same semester that the student entered the University in a degree program, however, students are eligible for more recent catalog years if it is to their benefit and approved by their academic deans office.
  • Students in more than one college should seek approval from both colleges as in most cases any change will be applicable to all undergraduate degree requirements. It is important to note that students must use a single catalog (requirement term) and cannot use a combination of catalogs for graduation.
  • By changing catalogs, a student is responsible for fulfilling all of the graduation requirements in their newly chosen catalog year. If you are choosing a new catalog year due to the changes in the General Education Program, please note that you will need to follow all of the degree requirements including General Education for the catalog year you choose.
  • You cannot change only General Education requirements. Requests to Change of Catalog Year (Requirement Term) are made using the Change of Catalog Year form and must be approved by your Academic Adviser(s) and your Academic Dean’s Office.

Please note: Requests to Change Catalog year should be made before you file your intent to graduate. If you have already applied for graduation, it may not be possible to change your catalog year at that time. Please check with your Academic Dean’s Office.