URI Compliance Notice: FAR Clause Bans TikTok on Devices used for Federal Contracts

September 1, 2023

The University of Rhode Island Vice President for Research and Chief Information Officer issue this compliance notice to ensure that the University of Rhode Island (URI) Community is aware of the restrictions imposed by the new Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) clause 52.204-27 Prohibition on a ByteDance Covered Application. 

General compliance responsibilities for the URI Community:

Individuals are prohibited from having or using TikTok or any successor application or service by ByteDance Limited on any information technology equipment or system used under a federal contract that contains FAR clause 52.204-27, whether the information technology equipment is issued by the University or is personally owned.

  • Individuals who have the TikTok application on a personally owned device (such as a computer or cell phone), and who use or intend to use such device in the performance of a federal contract that contains FAR clause 52.204-27, must immediately remove the TikTok application.
  • Individuals who perform work under a federal contract and who use a mobile device that is fully managed by the University must contact the University IT helpdesk who will assist you in removing and blocking covered applications from your mobile device. Please submit a helpdesk request here: https://its.uri.edu/it-organization/it-service-desk/ 
  • Individuals must flow down this FAR clause 52.204-27 to any subcontractors assisting in the performance of their federal contract. For any questions regarding notification to your subcontractor, please contact sara_clabby@uri.edu, Associate Director of Post Awards.

For further information, please contact URI’s Director of Research Security, carolconnolly@uri.edu  or URI’s Chief Information Security Officer, mkhalfayan@uri.edu