New Subcontractor Requests

If a Subcontractor is not currently in InfoEd, you must submit a request to the Office of Sponsored Projects to add the Subcontractor into the InfoEd System.

  • Subcontractor Information:

    Enter the Subcontractor Name that needs to be added into the InfoEd System. For new Subcontractors complete as much information as possible.
  • Please provide the Subcontractor DUNS number here, if they have one. This is important information to set up the Subcontractor properly in the system.
  • Please provide the Congressional District of the Subcontractor.
  • Please provide the UEI (Unique Entity Identifier) Number.
  • Please provide the full 9 digit zip code in this format (00000-0000). This is a requirement.

Processing Time: Please note that processing sponsor and subcontractor requests usually takes 2 business days.

Steps you should not do while waiting for a new Subcontractor to be added.

  • Do not select Default Sponsor while waiting for a new Subcontractor to be added in InfoEd.
  • You must wait for the Subcontractor profile to be set up before you can add the Subcontractor and Subcontract budget information to InfoEd.

If you have any questions please contact your
Office of Sponsored Project Pre-award Administrator.