New Sponsor Requests

If a sponsor is not currently in InfoEd, you must submit a request to the Office of Sponsored Projects to add the sponsor into the InfoEd System.
  • Proposal Information

    If Yes, Enter InfoEd Proposal Record Number to be associated for this Sponsor in the box below.
  • Sponsor Information:

    Enter the Sponsor Name that needs to be added into the InfoEd System.
  • Please provide the Sponsor DUNS number here, if they have one. This is important information to set up the Sponsor properly in the system.
  • Please provide the Congressional District of the Sponsor.
  • Please provide the UEI (Unique Entity Identifier) Number.
  • Please provide the full 9 digit zip code in this format (00000-0000). This is a requirement.

Processing Time: Please note that processing sponsor and subcontractor requests usually takes 2 business days.

Steps you can do while waiting for the Sponsor to be added.

  • While you are waiting for a new sponsor, you may select the “Default Sponsor” as a placeholder. Keep in mind that a proposal CAN be developed and submitted while the sponsor is still “Default Sponsor” in InfoEd, so after submitting a request for a new sponsor, proceed as usual with parts of proposal development.