NIH Other Support Requirements

NIH has updated the NIH biosketch format and other support format page for application due dates and RPPR submissions on/after January 25, 2022. 

The new Other Support requirements are outlined in the table below, however NIH funded investigators should also review the new biosketch format (site includes instructions, blank format page and a sample biosketch). These changes may require additional time on the part of effected investigators.  

Investigators are also strongly encouraged to watch NIH’s recent Commitment Transparency presentation: VideoPowerPoint.

NIH requires disclosure of all resources made available to a researcher in support of and/or related to any of their research endeavors, regardless of whether they have monetary value and regardless of whether the resources are connected to URI and/or the researcher’s affiliation with URI.

Other Support Requirement
Follow the format and instructions outlined in NIH guidance. Required
Use of SciENcv to generate Other Support

Note: NIH anticipates the SciENcv template for Other Support will be available beginning in FY 2022.

Not required (optional when SciENcv template made available)
Disclose all active1 and pending sources of Other Support, including:

  • Sponsored projects/proposals 
  • External consulting2, when an investigator will be involved in the design, conduct, or reporting of research as part of the consulting activities (e.g., work that may result in publication in an academic journal, designing a protocol, data analysis, serving on a steering committee for a clinical trial)
  • In-kind3 resources (i.e., non-monetary) that meet all the following criteria: 
    o    Are not publicly/widely available, and
    o    Were provided by a non-URI entity (either domestic or foreign), and
    o    Were provided in the past three years, and
    o    Are not being used on the proposed project, and
    o    Aside from the proposed project, are being actively used in support of any of an investigator’s other research endeavors.
Required (split into separate sections for sponsored projects/proposals and in-kind resources)
Active/pending sponsored project total award amount 

Note: For subawards, only the total subaward amount needs to be included

Award Amount (Direct + Indirect)
All investigators required to submit Other Support must also electronically sign their respective documents using the Adobe Sign service or similar.

  • A typed name is not an electronic signature and is not acceptable.
  • Wet (ink) signatures are not acceptable.

Recipients must make the documentation available upon request in accordance with 45 CFR Part 75.364. 

Flatten Other Support PDFs after signature. Required
Supporting documentation in the form of English-language versions of any foreign contracts, grants or any other agreements specific to senior/key-personnel foreign appointments, affiliations, and/or employment with an institution or entity outside the U.S.

NIH requires researchers to provide foreign contracts, grants or any other agreements specific to senior/key-personnel foreign appointments, affiliations, and/or employment with a foreign institution. Copies must be provided as part of the PDF following the Other Support format page.

Required, if applicable
Immediately notify OSP of undisclosed Other Support (i.e., information that was missing from a proposal at Just-In-Time (JIT) or a Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) submitted on/after January 25).

Pre-Award: For proposals that have not been awarded yet, the investigator should use the notify OSP so that the information can be submitted to NIH.

Post-Award: If an investigator discover that something needs to be added/disclosed on an NIH Other Support, the investigator should immediately send an updated Other Support document to URI must submit the update within 30 days of becoming aware of the non-disclosure, so do not wait until the next RPPR.

Note: The updated format page and instructions must be used for all Other Support submissions, including both competing applications and the RPPR. There are no longer separate instructions for competing applications and the RPPR.

Required, if applicable
1NIH does not require disclosure of recently completed support, only current and pending resources.

2External consulting and in-kind resources should be disclosed according to URI Conflict of Interest Disclosure procedures.

3In-kind resources include, but are not limited to: personnel (e.g., visiting scholars, visiting students, supported by a non-URI entity), space, equipment, materials, supplies. In-kind resources intended for use on the proposed project should be included as part of the ‘Facilities and Other Resources’ or ‘Equipment’ section of the application and not ‘Other Support.’