IDD & Dementia Project ECHO

Series 4:  Spring, 2022

Session 1

Providing Palliative Care Supports in Small Group Home Settings

Presented April 11, 2022

This session includes an example of how one agency was able to offer support in small group home settings for people with intellectual disabilities to remain in their home until their death.

Guest Expert

  •  Leslie Udell, NTG Canada Master Trainer, NTG Canadian Consortium, Winnipeg;   Owner, L. Udell Consulting, Manitoba, Canada

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Session 2

Keeping the Person at the Center: Shared and Supported Decision-Making

Presented April 25, 2022

This session includes an examination of shared decision making in care planning, and the role of supporters and clinicians when making decisions along the continuum of dementia.

Guest Expert

  • Alixe Bonardi, OTR, Vice President, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, Human Services Research Institute; Assistant Professor, UMMS School of Medicine
    Worcester, MA

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Session 3

Health Advocacy: Where Aptitude + Attitude = Altitude

Presented May 9, 2022

This session includes a framework for how advocates and advocacy can move more than a conversation and move people to action. 

Guest Expert

  • Rick Rader, MD, Director of the Habilitation Center, Orange Grove Center
    Chattanooga, TN

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Session 4

The NTG Early Detection Screen for Dementia

Presented May 23, 2022

This session provides suggestions on how to complete and use findings from the NTG-EDSD to support individuals with IDD and suspected dementia.

Guest Expert

  • Lucille Esralew, PhD Senior Psychologist, California Department of Developmental Services Chair, NTG Scientific/Research Consultative Panel Co-Chair, NTG Advisory Board

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