VR/AR App Development at the MIC

Advancing STEM learning through custom VR/AR applications

To make the most use of the VR equipment at the MIC, we collaborate with the URI ITS Student Technology Assistants (STA) program to develop custom VR/AR applications which can be incorporated into STEM curricula.   We have developed apps that use both fully-immersive VR headsets as well as AR apps that can installed on mobile devices.  If you are a URI faculty interested in developing apps that can be used in your classes, please contact us.  If you are a faculty member at another Rhode Island institution, we can work with you to find a URI faculty partner to create shared applications.

    Aspirin VR App

    Aspirin Apps

    Aspirin is one of the most well-known pharmaceuticals and its precursor has been used since ancient times as a pain reliever.  Along with its well-known pain relief and anti-inflammatory, aspirin is also used as a blood thinner and may reduce the risk of some types of cancer.  As our first prototype VR application, we developed […]

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