Rhode Island Microbiome Symposium 2022

The second Rhode Island Microbiome Symposium (RIMS) was held virtually in January 2022.

The goal of this symposium is to promote microbiome and microbial research in Rhode Island and the Northeast by bringing together researchers from state universities and hospitals who currently work on microbiome research or who are interested in starting microbiome research.

Two keynote speakers presented at the symposium, Dr. Alvaro Sanchez from Yale University, and Dr. Suzanne Ishaq at the University of Maine. Dr. Sanchez’s talk, entitled “Evolutionary Engineering of Microbial Consortia,” discussed the recent progress in the application of evolutionary engineering to microbial consortia. Dr. Ishaq presented “Microbes at the Nexus of Environmental, Biological, and Social Research.” 

Over 150 researchers attended the Symposium from across the country.