Economic Factors

This database contains information on all 39 cities and towns in Rhode Island, including life expectancy and other population health indicators, social and economic conditions, environmental characteristics, demographic information, crime, and other information. You can download the entire data set or filter the data for your own analysis.

Rhode Island has a diverse economy, with a median household income of $58,073 in 2015 and a state unemployment rate of 3.8%. The Rhode Island state poverty rate in 2017 was 11.6%, ranking it just below the national rate.


Highest violent crime rates (per 1,000)
Central Falls 24.6%
Providence 22.6%
Woonsocket 18.2%
Pawtucket 15.8%
West Warwick 7.4%
Highest violent crime rates (per 1,000)
Hopkinton 0.6%
Foster 0.8%
Exeter 1.3%
Richmond 1.8%
New Shoreham
Highest percent on public assistance
Central Falls 30.7%
Providence 27.2%
Woonsocket 23.2%
Pawtucket 17.2%
West Warwick 11.1%
Lowest percent on public assistance
New Shoreham 0%
Foster 0.5%
Hopkinton 0.8%
Jamestown 1.5%
Little Compton 1.7%


Life expectancy was related to several economic factors. Lower percent of the population on public assistance (correlation = -0.49), and percent of the population below the poverty line (corr = -0.39), as well as higher mean household income levels (corr = 0.55) were associated with higher life expectancy.

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