This database contains information on all 39 cities and towns in Rhode Island, including life expectancy and other population health indicators, social and economic conditions, environmental characteristics, demographic information, crime, and other information. You can download the entire data set or filter the data for your own analysis.

Rhode Island offers many amenities for those considering retiring in the state, including access to recreational activities, services for older adults, and world-class health care facilities. Rhode Island has one of the more mature populations of any US state, with about one-sixth of its population aged 65 and above. When it comes to retirement, there are a number of factors to consider when determining where to live, such as type of community (rural, suburban, urban), health care access and quality, crime rate, economics, climate, and population health. Identifying factors you might be interested in can be a useful early step in planning for retiring in Rhode Island.


Top 5 cities and towns for percent of population aged 65 or above
Little Compton 22.7%
New Shoreham 21.3%
North Providence 19.5%
Tiverton 19.4%
Johnston 19.0%
Top 5 cities and towns for mean annual per capita retirement income ($)
Jamestown 42,238
Charlestown 41,275
New Shoreham 36,555
Little Compton 36,217
South Kingstown 31,504


Higher life expectancy at birth and remaining life expectancy at age 65 were both related to higher levels of retirement income.

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