Working in Rhode Island

This database contains information on all 39 cities and towns in Rhode Island, including life expectancy and other population health indicators, social and economic conditions, environmental characteristics, demographic information, crime, and other information. You can download the entire data set or filter the data for your own analysis.

In March 2018, there were 34,115 private businesses in Rhode Island employing 408,997 workers, according to the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training, with continued growth in the health care, hospitality, manufacturing, and technology sectors.


Cities and towns with the lowest unemployment rates
Narragansett 3.5%
Richmond (tie)3.7%
Barrington (tie)
Jamestown (tie) 3.7%
Little Compton 3.9%
Cities and towns with the lowest unemployment rates
New Shoreham 11.1%
Woonsocket 7.1%
Central Falls 6.3%
Providence 6.2%
Westerly 6.0%


Life expectancy was significantly higher (correlation = -0.57) in cities and towns with lower unemployment rates.

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