Full Sun (FS)
Requires at least six hours of direct sunlight per day.
Shade Tolerant (ST)
Grows acceptably in shady conditions.
Drought Tolerant(DT)
Adapted to survive low water conditions.
Wind Tolerant (WT)
Adapted to survive persistent and/or prevailing winds
Height (H) Height at maturity, usually given as a range.
Width(W) Width at maturity, usually given as a range.
Coastal Zone 1(CZ1) Tolerates direct coastal exposure (e.g. strong winds, salt spray).
Coastal Zone 2(CZ2) Tolerates indirect coastal exposure (e.g. shielded from wind, salt spray).
Bird Habitat (BH)
Provides fruit or nuts eaten by bird species (does not include seed as bird food source).
Pollinator Habitat(PH) Provides nectar and/or pollen preferred by pollinating 
Edible by humans.
Medicinal(M) Medicinal properties for humans.