ABM in Labor Relations and Human Resources

The Accelerated B.S. or B.A. to M.S. Program (ABM) in Labor Relations and Human Resources Degree program offers qualified students the opportunity to complete both a B.A. or B.S. (with no restriction on program) and the M.S. in Labor Relations and Human Resources in five years. Students that have demonstrated excellence in their undergraduate academic programs and are prepared for advanced coursework may be eligible to enroll in the ABM program. 

Students are eligible to apply for the ABM program after they have completed 75 credits in their undergraduate program. Students can start taking courses that will be double counted towards their ABM after they have completed 90 credits. Student status will officially be moved from undergraduate to graduate enrollment after completing and conferring their undergraduate degree. 

A competitive applicant will have the following: 

  • Students must have at least 75 credits to apply and can be admitted to the program once they have completed 90 credits; 
  • Overall GPA of 3.0; meeting the minimum GPA does not guarantee acceptance into the ABM program;
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty; and 
  • Interview is required with the Program Director after a completed application has been submitted and received. 

NOTE: The GRE is not required. See all admission requirements.