Fermin Carranza Cid

  • BS in Energy Engineering at Pennsylvania State University
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Phone: Summer 2021


I am currently a senior majoring in Energy Engineering and minoring in Environmental Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University who will be graduating in the Fall of 2020. I am particularly interested in the implementation of Solar Energy Conversion Systems (SECS) and Energy Conversion Systems Modeling. Currently, I am working with PhD candidate Paulo Soares in the development of an open-source Solar Irradiance Detector (SID) that serves as a data logger for Global Horizontal Irradiance measurements for a significantly lower price in comparison to commercial pyranometers. In addition to such, we have been testing and implementing machine learning algorithms into a multi-pyranometer system we call the All-Seeing Eye (ASE) to predict Direct Normal Irradiance values. I joined the SIS lab this summer and have been helping assemble a simpler version of SID in order to expose high school kids to introductory engineering skills and solar energy theory. Outside of academia, I enjoy football (soccer), boxing and photography.