Ignacio Quintana

  • Special Project Exchange Student
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Phone: Fall 2019 - Fall 2020


Hola amigos!
My name is Ignacio Quintana and I’m a Spanish exchange student from Tecnun-University of Navarre where I started my MSc in Industrial Engineering. The objective of my exchange was conducting my MSc thesis in an international environment, and I was lucky to end up being part of Dr. Macht’s team at the SIS Lab. One of the reasons I selected URI was a recommendation of a friend who told me great things about the SIS Lab, and I also want to do so. The work environment is very fun and full of young and international colleagues.
My research is focusing on merging perception and reality of electric vehicle driving behavior. Due to the Covid-19 crisis I had to go back to Spain earlier than expected, but I am continuing my research from a distance with the help of my colleagues.
CrossFit as lifestyle and URI Rugby Team as a family. GO RHODY!


BSc in Industrial Engineering, Public University of Navarre, 2018