Keegan Simons

  • BS in Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Phone: Fall 2016


My name is Keegan Simons, I am an Industrial & Systems Engineering major, Class of 2017 at The University of Rhode Island. I have experience in the manufacturing field with interests in the automotive industry, robotic automation, sustainable engineering, and statistical quality control. My research at the SIS Lab compares all the Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the market based on several different fields. Additional work in the SIS Lab includes: (i) assisting SIS Lab masters student Dan Kowalsky with his research on routing EVs and (ii) designing an experiment with SIS Lab graduate students Thanh and Hasan statistically testing a Volkswagen e-Golf, which resulted in recommendations for which driving setting should be used when driving up/downhill or on flat ground.


Fall 2016 – ISE 491 – Special Problems