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Resolutions for February 16, 2024 Meeting

Agenda Item 7.a.(iii) – Approval of President Parlange’s performance, renewal, and employment agreement
Agenda Item 7.a.(iv) – Ratification of URI PTAA one-year contract extension
Agenda Item 7.c.(iii) – Approval of URI Tuition and Fee Rates FY2025
Agenda Item 7.c.(iv) – Approval of Amendment to Contract Katie Schibler & Associates LLC
Agenda Item 7.c.(iv) – Approval of Memoranda of Understanding regarding Natural Gas and Electricity purchases with the State of RI
Agenda Item  7.c.(v) – Approval of Changes to Procurement Regulations regarding outside attorney engagement                                                         
Agenda Item 7.c.(vi) – Approval of a lease agreement with South Kingstown for land to house the URI Sailing Center
Agenda Item 7.e.(ii) – Approval of Tenure for Dr. Patrick Vivier effective 1.8.24
Agenda Item 7.e.(iii) – Approval of Tenure for Dr. Yoshitaka Ota effective 4.1.24
Agenda Item 7.e.(iv) – Approval of an organizational change creating the Department of Journalism and Public Relations

Resolutions for April 26, 2024 Meeting

Agenda Item 7.a.(iv) – Approval of a real estate transaction with the East Farm
Commercial Fisheries Center and the Commercial Fisheries
Research Foundation

Agenda Item 7.a.(v) – Approval to exercise options to purchase 177 Plains Road,
Kingston, Rhode Island, and 75 & 85 Briar Lane, Kingston,
Rhode Island

Agenda Item 7.a.(vi) – Approval of a real estate transaction with the
Tomaquag Indian Memorial Museum

Agenda Item 7.a.(vii) – Approval of a Revocable Easement with Rita L. Santilli
Revocable Trust, Mario and Dolores Petrarca, and
Lucia Santilli

Agenda Item 7.c.(ii) – Approval of the policy on Employee Recruitment,
Selection, and Hiring

Agenda Item 7.d.(iii) – Approval of the awarding of posthumous academic
degrees at Spring Commencement 2024

Agenda Item 7.d.(iv) – Approval of the awarding of undergraduate and
graduate degrees, diplomas, certificates, and honors Spring 2024 Term

Agenda Item 7.d.(v) – Approval of legislation from the Faculty Senate
Curriculum & Standards Committee and the Graduate Council, specifically, an organizational change reducing the number of required upper division credits for BA degrees
in the College of Arts & Sciences, and a new MA program in UX/UI Design in the College of Arts & Sciences

Agenda Item 8.a. – Ratification of a one-year contract extension between the
URI Board of Trustees and the URI Professional Staff Association

Agenda Item 8.b. – Ratification of a one-year contract extension between the
URI Board of Trustees and the URI Marine Professional Association