Elizabeth Campbell

  • BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Fall 2020


Hi, my name is Elizabeth Campbell, and I am a senior pursuing my B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering. I am from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and attended the University of Rhode Island due to this unique major. I started to collaborate with the Sustainable Innovative Solutions (SIS) lab this past semester with an independent study under Dr. Macht in order to expand my understanding of human factors engineering. This is a topic that Dr. Macht introduced to me and something that I quickly became passionate about. I am currently working on a research study paper about how emotional intelligence affects teamwork and productivity in the workplace. I am also now working on the URI VOTES project with Dr. Macht and her team as a Simio simulations assistant. I am very happy to be part of this team and happy to be able to expand my knowledge of simulation while being able to see the outcome of the work that it put into it.
Aside from my academic pursuits I enjoy the saltwater, snowboarding, and traveling when I can.