GI Bill® and J-Term and Summer Sessions at URI

Complete your degree on time

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**In order to receive full BAH stipend-you will also need to be in-person for classes. If you choose to take online courses- you will be paid 1/2 of your BAH stipend. 


GI Bill® and 2024 J-Term and Summer Sessions at URI

Taking J-Term and summer classes is a great way to finish your degree faster and receive Basic Housing Allowance (BAH), also called Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA), during the J-Term and summer months. Just like during the academic year, any courses you take using your GI Bill® must meet unfilled degree requirements. It is your responsibility to be certain the courses you are taking meet your degree requirements. Be mindful of the number of entitlement months you have left. Take enough classes, during the J-Term and summer, to complete your degree on time.

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J-Term at URI

Winter J Term is an academic mini-semester during the approximately three-week period between the first week in January and the start of spring semester. Catch up on credits or experience something completely new. And watch this space for the international and off-campus opportunities that await you in the future.

NOTE: To qualify for full-time status and the prorated monthly housing allowance for the J-term session. Students should take more than 2 credit hours during the J-term session.


Waivers and benefits

Disabled American Veterans

The Rhode Island General Assembly has enacted legislation granting tuition waivers to Disabled American Veterans. For more information, review the Disabled American Veterans Tuition Waiver page

Rhode Island National Guard

The Rhode Island General Assembly has enacted legislation granting limited tuition waivers to members of the Rhode Island National Guard. For further information, please contact your National Guard Education Liaison and visit the STAP Waiver page.

Veterans Benefits

Registrants claiming VA educational benefits must fill out the online student verification form by visiting the GI Bill® Certification page.

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An American flag to highlight the dedication of a new education space for Veterans in the URI Memorial Union

Summer Sessions at URI

Summer Session 1: May 20 – June 21 (5 weeks) 

Summer Session 2: June 24 – July 26 (5 weeks)

Summer Session 3: May 20 – July 26 (10 weeks)

Summer Session 1, 2 and 3

*Summer sessions are calculated differently than a standard Fall / Spring semester. Please note — it is not the cumulative credits spanning the entire summer. Consider each session a separate session (in terms of credits taken). 

BAH or MHA stipend (monthly) – paid directly to Veteran (paid in arrears; BAH/MHA  is paid each month. However, the first payment may not arrive for several months so plan accordingly.)

BAH payments are paid based on “training status” per session

SUMMER TRAINING STATUS per 5 week session

4 credits =BAH = 100 %

3 credits =BAH = 80%

2 credits =BAH = less than ½ time $0 

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Training Time Equivalency Table

For a detailed Training Time Equivalency Table please click on the link below!

You must use your URI email to access the Google Drive.

**Please note: Overlapping course starts may result in differing enrollment statuses.

Training Time Equivalency Table Link

GENERAL RULE: In order to receive the full BAH payment for both summer sessions, student Veterans should plan to take:

Option 1:  4 credits (or more) for Summer Session 1 and 4 credits (or more) for Summer Session 2 


Option 2:  3 credits for Summer Session 1 and 3 credits for Summer Session 2 with at least 1 credit for Summer Session 3. 

If the student has 3 credits, they will receive BAH but at a lesser rate. If the student has 2 credits in a summer session – the student will NOT be eligible for BAH under Ch 33 benefits. 


In order to be certified for summer courses, you must complete the Student Veteran Verification Form by clicking HERE!