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Women of Color Network

We look forward to seeing you during the 2022-23 academic year. Contact us for more information.

Since 2008, the primary mission of the Women of Color Network has been to create space for fellowship, mentorship, and building community. The need for this network became evident when a group of women of color comprising faculty, staff, and graduate students came together to discuss issues of women of color in higher education. Various women were struck by the fact that many had not met each other despite numerous years at the university. Having an opportunity to meet more women of color was expressed as a need that would help to build a sense of belonging and community on campus.

The Network meets on a regular basis. These gatherings are informal and discussion topics arise organically based on the needs of the women, current events, as well as personal and professional goals. The network also:

  • connects via our listserv
  • discusses opportunities for collaboration across departments and divisions
  • supports and participates in initiatives that serve undergraduate and graduate women students of color

Connect with the Women of Color Network Directly

If you would like to receive updates on events and announcements related to the Women of Color Network, please submit a message below. Your message goes directly to the main contacts for the WOCN: Jacqui Springer

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