Rhody Market is located in Hope Commons. Whether you are looking for to-go selections or choose to “Gather, Relax, and Enjoy”, Rhody Market makes it happen. Common Grounds offers upscale pastries and desserts matched with popular latte and espresso beverages. Upper Crust with its brick oven, is our designer pizza station also featuring calzones, chicken fingers, and hot grinders. Customers linger in the fireplace lounge to converse, watch television, play games, or study. Ram Account, Cash, and Credit Cards!

Contact: (401) 874-2033




Grab-n-Go’s for Resident Plus and Premiere Meal Plan Holders – Up to Three Per Day!

Available to students with active resident Plus and Premiere meal plans only. The cashier will swipe your valid ID at check-out.


Grab-n-Go: Bonus Breakfast Meal
(Available all day in Rhody Market!)

  • Egg, Cheese, Sausage on Bagel (or meatless) + Regular Starbucks Coffee (12oz, hot or iced) or water
  • Parfait + Regular Starbucks Coffee + Regular Starbucks Coffee (12oz, hot or iced) or water
  • Bagel with Cream Cheese + Regular Starbucks Coffee (12oz, hot or iced) or water



 Grab-n-Go: Combo Meals
(Available everyday 11am-8pm):

  • Smoothie
  • Personal Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza + Fountain beverage or water
  • Salad + Fountain Beverage


“Office Hours” @ Rhody

Connect with your students in a whole new way. Conduct your office hours in Rhody Market’s Fireplace Lounge! Contact us for more information.


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