What Apps do I need?

GET Mobile
You can access your virtual ID card, place mobile orders at specified dining locations, track your meal plan balances and activity history, and more. Please note, your Meal Plan balances will be available in the App starting on the first day your plan becomes active. Available on the App Store or Google Play.

Rhody Connect
Available on the App Store or Google Play for University-wide content!

Grubhub (for on-campus Mobile Ordering)
Available on the App Store or Google Play Grubhub is our on-campus mobile ordering platform! Download the app > tap “account” > then “campus dining” > find “University of Rhode Island” and our current on-campus options will appear first in your searches. On-campus orders are for pick-up only, and payment can be made using your meal plan, Ram Account, or credit card. Ram Account is accepted nationwide on Grubhub for off-campus orders for delivery!

What is biometric hand scanning?

MorphoWave is our touchless biometric scanning system. We have stations set up at the Memorial Union during the first few weeks of school to connect your palm with your card. Meal Plan holders accessing both Mainfare or Butterfield Dining Halls will need to swipe their hand to enter.

What is the Default Meal Plan?

If you are required to have a meal plan and do not make a selection by the semester’s deadline date (watch for announcements) you will be assigned and billed for the Campus Plus plan. There is a Meal Plan Change Period at the beginning of each semester (watch for announcements). During that period you may change your selected plan to one that better fits your needs. Meal plan options may be dependent on your living arrangement. 

What is the difference: Dining Dollars vs. Ram Account?

Dining Dollars are part of your meal plan benefit, and can be used anywhere in Dining Services. Ram Account is a debit feature that is attached to your student ID and is for use all around campus and with participating off-campus vendors too. You may add additional funds at any time!

Do Dining Dollars rollover for all meal plans into the Spring Semester if there is a remaining balance?


How do I manage my dietary restriction while on-campus?

Our dedicated dietitian is available to all students, and any living with a food allergy, sensitivity, or intolerance are encouraged to contact Karen Orabona (karenorabona@uri.edu) to discuss your needs and how to navigate our dining options. We serve vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options daily in addition to our standard offerings. Our daily dining halls menus and nutrition information is available on our website (by dining location) through NetNutrition. Visit our nutrition page: web.uri.edu/dining/nutrition/ for more information.

What do I need my URI ID for?

URI (Physical) ID Card
All students, staff, and faculty are issued physical URI ID Cards. Card provides access to your meal plan benefits, residence hall door locks, library services, and more around campus. It also acts as a debit card for access to your Ram Account funds! Remember, it has value, so lost or stolen cards must be reported IMMEDIATELY to the Campus ID & Dining Office. ID cards are issued and managed by The Campus ID & Dining Office web.uri.edu/campusid.

Virtual ID on GET Mobile
GET Mobile App offers a Virtual ID for students enrolled only in online classes, or those not need access to campus building and services. The Campus ID & Dining Office help manage our Virtual ID system along with our partner GET Mobile web.uri.edu/campusid.

Where Can I Eat on-campus?

Dining locations and information can be found on our web site at web.uri.edu/dining/locations/.

What if I lost my ID card?

Lost your ID card? Contact campusID@etal.uri.edu immediately to suspend your Ram Account and Meal Plan Benefits. Then come to the Campus ID & Dining Office located, in the Memorial Union, for a replacement card.

Am I required to have a Meal Plan?

All HRL campus Residents are required to have a plan, please make your selection by July 1, 2023:

  • On-campus Residents living in Brookside Hall, Garrahy Hall, University Gateway Apartments, Wiley Hall, and the Talent Development Achievement House may choose from Unlimited Plans or Flex Plans.
  • On-campus Residents in any other HRL housing not listed above must select from the Unlimited Plans.

Commuter students are encouraged to consider having a meal plan, but are not required to have one.

What are my meal plan options?

Our meal plan options are semester-specific, please visit Meal Plans Page and select the semester/time frame you are interested in get started. We offer Campus Plan and Flex Plan options for Fall and Spring semesters, and only Flex Plans for Summer Sessions, and JTerm.

Do Flex Swipes that are part of the 3 Flex meal plans rollover remaining balance into the Spring semester?


What about Mobile Ordering in Dining Services?

We offer the convenience of Mobile Ordering for pickup at several of our on-campus locations, through our campus mobile ordering partner GrubHub. Sign up for GH+ Student free account. Then in the Grubhub app, go to Account > Campus Dining and select The University of Rhode Island to link to the campus ordering system. Mobile ordering is designed to help us serve as many students as possible and reduce wait times. Please note: Orders placed and not picked up will incur an additional non-refundable penalty of $10 Dining Dollars from any plan style you are enrolled in.

What is the Ram Account and How to Add Funds?

Ram Account is a debit account feature built into every URI ID card for cashless purchased’s all around campus and with participating off-campus vendors. From the Campus Store to printers and vending machines, some laundry facilities, and more, it is widely accepted on-campus. Some meal plans come with a starting balance, or just add funds to start using your Ram Account. *Because it is linked to your ID card, please report lost or stolen cards IMMEDIATELY to campusid@etal.uri.edu Find out more about Ram Account: web.uri.edu/dining/ramaccount/.

Adding funds to your Ram Account is easy:

  • Self-Service Kiosks: Card Value Center (CVCs) available in the Library, Memorial Union, and Chemistry Building, Hope Commons allow you to convert cash into Ram Account funds!
  • By phone: 874-2055
  • In person: Campus ID & DiningOffice in the Memorial Union
  • Online: www.ri.gov/URI/ramacct ($3.00 processing fee)
I need a job on-campus, are there Student Employees opportunities?

Yes! We are the second largest employer on campus. Please visit our employment page for more information.