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Who should submit an Early Alert Referral?

  • Anyone concerned about a currently enrolled student.

When should I submit a Referral?

  • At any point during the fall or spring semester (not during summer).

How do I submit a Referral?

  • Faculty and staff: Use Starfish for academic concerns; or call Early Alert Services 401.874.5168 or 401.874.5527.
  • Peers and family members: Fill out the referral form or call Early Alert Services at 401.874.5168 or 401.874.5527.

What if my concern is not included on the list of choices?

  • Select ‘other’ and describe the issue in the comment section.

How will I know that my Referral was successfully submitted?

  • Early Alert will respond to your referral within one to two business days.

What about confidentiality?

  • Under FERPA, there is clear exception for any risks to health or safety. FERPA allows for communication to be shared among “school officials” who have a legitimate educational interest. Therefore, information regarding students may be shared on a strictly “need to know” basis.

Will my referral remain anonymous?

  • It depends: If you wish to remain anonymous, we will do our best to do so unless it is a health and safety issue. Please note – any alert strictly about attendance and/or academic performance will be disclosed to the student unless the referring party requests otherwise.

What if I want to submit a second Referral on the same student during the same term?

  • Faculty and staff: We encourage you to raise another alert in Starfish.
  • Peers and family members: Call us to let us know you have additional information regarding the same student.

Should I use Early Alert to report academic misconduct?

  • Academic misconduct should first be reported to the Department Chair of the course in question and/or the Dean of Students.


For Emergencies

Early Alert is not an Emergency Service.
In the event of an emergency please contact the campus police department at 401.874.2121

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