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I am Professor of Economics and editor of the New Political Economy book series for Routledge Press. I am on the steering committee of the International Studies and Diplomacy BA program. I was economics department chair from 2015-2020, Associate Director of the URI Honors Program from 2003-2006, and Director from 2006-2013. From 2015-2020 I co-directed URI Study Abroad programs in Cuba.  

My main current project is a book with Professor Michael Hillard of the University of Southern Maine. The working title is “Capital Fractures: Class conflicts in Contemporary US Capitalism.” I am also writing a paper on teaching technological change and employment through role play. I recently completed a collaborative project on new directions in public housing, a paper on the etymology of democratic socialism, and a co-authored piece on “woke” capitalism.

In 2023-24 I will teach ECN 305, Competing Economic Traditions (Fall), ECN 358, Globalization and National Economies (Fall and Spring). I received the URI Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence in 1997.

I have lectured at the University of Le Havre, Euromed Marseille École de Management (now KEDGE Business School), Novgorod State University, the Université de Lyon II, and École Normale Superieure de Cachan (now École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay), where I was a visiting research professor Sept.-Dec. 2002, as well as at many universities and colleges in the US. I was in residence as the holder of the “Chair of the Americas” at the Institut des Ameriques-Rennes, University of Rennes 2 in Spring 2017.

I live in Wakefield RI with my wife Deborah Barber. We have five children and nine grandchildren.


History of Economic Thought and Contemporary Heterodox Economics, International Economics, Labor-Management Relations and Labor Standards, Economic History.


Ph.D., Economics, University of Massachusetts, 1989

BA, Economics and Political Science, University of Rhode Island, 1979

Selected Publications

Recent (since 2008) and Selected Publications

“Stakeholderism: the folly of a kinder, gentler American capitalism,” with M. Hillard, New Labor Forum. 32:1. Winter 2023

“Democratic Socialism,” 2023. Rethinking Marxism. 35:1, 24-35.

“New Directions in Public Housing: What Works, What Doesn’t” with S. Pearson-Merkowitz, for South Kingstown Housing Authority and RI Foundation, 2023.

“Labor standards, factory inspection, and fast fashion” in The Fashion Reader, 3rd edition. London: Bloomsbury, 2021

“The Development of Social Economy in France since 1945.” Forum for Social Economics. 2018. 47:2, 253-261.

Knowledge, Class and Economics: Marxism without guarantees. Edited by Ted Burczak, Robert Garnett and Richard McIntyre, Routledge, 2018 including

McIntyre, Burczak, and Garnett, “Introduction: Marxism Without Guarantees,” 1-15

“A Conversation with Rick Wolff,” 19-40

Michael Hillard and McIntyre, “Management Ideologies and the Class Structure of Capitalist Enterprises: Shareholderism vs. Stakeholderism,” 361-373

“Marxian Theories of the Labor Process: From Marx to Braverman” and “Marxian Labor Process Theory Since Braverman”, in Handbook of Marxian Political Economy, edited by Brennan, Kristjianson-Gural, Mulder, and Olsen. London: Routledge, 2017. 180-197

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“Capitalist Class Agency and the New Deal Order: Against the Notion of a Limited Capital-Labor Accord” with Michael Hillard, Review of Radical Political Economics, 45:2, June 2013, won best article award for volume 45 .

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