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Your engineering advisor is the primary source of information for all curriculum issues and questions regarding your major. This person is always your main source for advising, and is a very important part of your support network in the College of Engineering. In addition to the curriculum, your advisor can provide information about career paths, the University, the local community, etc., and answer any questions you may have.

Please review the important information below that is very useful to all engineering students, including those in the IEP. You should also review “Advising-What You Need to Know” for more important detailed information.

Note: The COE Dean’s Office does not provide routine advising of engineering students.

Am I in University College (UC) or the College of Engineering (COE)?

  • Note: It does make a difference whether you are in UC or the COE regarding where you go for advising, so please read this information carefully.
  • You can easily determine whether your are in UC or the COE by checking your unofficial transcript in e-Campus.
  • To view your unofficial transcript:
    • Log in to e-Campus.
    • Select “Self Service” on the left.
    • Under Academic Records, click “View Unofficial Transcript”.
    • In the Report Type box, select “Unofficial Transcripts”.
    • Click “Go”
    • Look at your program at the very beginning of the last semester shown and check for the following:
      • Students in UC will see “College of Engineering – UC“.
      • Students in the COE will simply see “College of Engineering” without the “- UC”.

University College (UC) Advisor

  • All freshman students, and some transfer students, designated as engineering majors (including undecided engineering), are assigned an engineering advisor at University College in Roosevelt Hall. Advising appointments with your UC advisor are made through e-Campus.
  • All advising for students who are still in University College is done in Roosevelt Hall.
  • Current directory of UC engineering advisors.
  • IEP students also see below.
  • Note: You are required to meet with your advisor in their office in Roosevelt Hall at least once every semester until you are admitted to the College of Engineering, or you will not be able to register for the next semester’s classes.

College of Engineering (COE) Advisor

  • Once you have met the requirements for admission to the College of Engineering, you are then admitted to the college and assigned an academic advisor as well as a faculty advisor in your major who advises you through graduation. You are notified of this action in writing by the COE Assistant Dean.
  • Current directory of COE advisors
  • IEP students also see below.
  • Note the following:
    • Once admitted to the COE, you no longer go to Roosevelt Hall for advising – all advising appointments are scheduled directly with your permanent engineering advisor, and advising appointments are typically held in your advisor’s office.
    • You are required to meet with your advisor in their office in the College of Engineering at least once every semester or you will not be able to register for the next semester’s classes.

International Engineering Program (IEP)

Students in the IEP should carefully note the following:

  • Once you are admitted to the COE you should begin meeting regularly with the IEP language advisor for your B.A. major (if you haven’t already been doing so).
  • You must see both advisors every semester for registration.
  • If you were admitted to URI Spring 2016 and earlier you must consult with your IEP language advisor regarding the specific General Education requirements for your B.A. major. If you were admitted Fall 2016 and later your general education requirements are the same for both majors.
  • Your engineering faculty advisor assignment is based on your anticipated year of graduation without factoring in your IEP year abroad. For example, if you were admitted in Fall 2016 and appear to be on track for four-year degree completion, you will be assigned to a Class of 2020 faculty advisor.


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