Jack Clark: Recipient of a 2016 URI Ocean Engineering Excellence Award

Jack Clark
Image provided by Jack Clark

Originally from Maine, Jack found the University of Rhode Island (URI) through its ocean engineering program. When Jack Clark was in high school, great teachers sparked a love for both languages and science. When he found out about the International Engineering Program (IEP) at URI, he knew he would be able to meld both loves into an educational path.

Going to Chile was one of the best experiences of his life. Chile was an obvious choice, he says. His high school Spanish teacher was a Chilean native who taught Spanish and the history of South America lens of the Chilean experience, culture, and politics. When he learned about a contract with Chile that started when he first applied to the IEP program, he knew where he would be going for his year abroad.

The ability to learn ocean engineering in a dynamic program taught by world-renowned professors was an exciting prospect for Jack when he joined URI. His focus in the field has been on off-shore structures, hydrodynamics, and renewable energies. His hope is to one day work with tidal or off-shore wind energy. To that end, he took advantage of an IEP internship, which focused on wave hind casting analysis and wave measuring stations for international ports. This past semester, he has worked with Professor Jason Dahl of Ocean Engineering on modeling real-time simulations with a fluid.

Over the next two years, he will continue working with Professor Dahl while getting his masters degree in ocean engineering here at URI. Before he joins the workforce, however, he intends to spend some time exploring the U.S. He says he’s seen and learned so much about Chile, he’s realized how much more he wants to know about his home country.

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