Matthew Carroll: Recipient of a 2016 URI Computer Engineering Excellence Award

Matthew Carroll
Image provided by Matthew Carroll

From a young age, Matthew Carroll expressed a keen interest in computers, math, and science. When looking into turning passion into a possible career, computer engineering was the perfect fit. The URI Engineering, in particular, offered an excellent program in his area of interest while allowing him to stay within Rhode Island, something he considered a win-win.

In 2015, working with Assistant Professor Kunal Mankodiya, Matthew honed his interest in wearable devices and in internet of things (IoT) -related technology. He worked in Mankodiya’s lab designing programs to assist in the collection of data from wearable health-technologies. He wrote software for collecting data and code for Arduino systems and analyzed data derived from wearable devices. He also worked on sensors for electroencephalograph (EEG). Matthew also developed a Java program to test patients for stress while under observation.

Over the course of his capstone, he worked with Professor Walter Besio and his company CREmedical to develop a wireless dry electrode system.

He considers his time working with professors Besio and Mankodiya as having refined his focus within the computer engineering realm.

Matthew intends to continue to pursue IoT going forward. Currently, he’s looking and various start-ups around Boston for a possible start on his career. He notes, however, he would eventually like to pursue a masters or Ph.D. in computer engineering.

excellence_awards_2016This student received a 2016 University of Rhode Island College of Engineering Excellence award in their field of study. We are honoring this achievement by profiling them individually and looking at what makes each of them someone to look for big things from in the years ahead.