Second Grade Option

University Manual 8.33.32 – “Students may exercise a Second Grade Option by repeating a course in which the student earned C-, D+, D, or F. Only courses that fall within the student’s first 30 credits taken at the University may be selected for this option. Students must exercise this option no later than the next two semesters for which the student registers after completing thirty credits. Transfer students may exercise the Second Grade Option for courses taken during their initial semester at the University. This option must be exercised during the next two semesters for which they register after their initial semester.

When a student exercises the Second Grade Option, only the grade earned when the course is repeated will be used in the calculation of a student’s QPA and only the credits earned for the repeated course will apply toward the graduation requirements. All grades earned for a given course shall remain on a student’s permanent academic record. Students who wish to take advantage of this Second Grade Option must obtain approval from their academic deans and submit the appropriate form to the Office of Enrollment Services prior to midterm of the semester in which the course is being repeated. The Second Grade Option may be used only once per course.”

To apply for second grade option, complete the required Second Grade Option Form, and submit it for review to:

  1. the Dean of University College in Roosevelt Hall only if you are still in University College (UC)
  2. the Associate Dean of Engineering, 102 Bliss Hall only if you have been admitted to the College of Engineering

How to determine if you are still in University College: Check your transcript in e-Campus, and if you are still in UC it will look like this:

Program: College of Engineering – UC

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