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Readmission to a Degree Program

You must apply for readmission if you previously were admitted to an undergraduate program of study at the University and have had a break of at least one regular (spring or fall) semester, whether or not you completed the formal withdrawal process. A break in continuous attendance automatically terminates your active student status, so you must readmit to continue toward a degree.

You may seek readmission into a college and/or program different from that which you formerly attended. If you have earned at least 25 credits toward graduation you may submit your application for readmission directly to the degree-granting college. Readmission is not guaranteed, and students must meet all GPA, course and/or College requirements for the major to which they seek to readmit. Students should contact the College directly for specific readmission requirements (see the directory of colleges and departments).

If you have graduated from the University and want to pursue a second undergraduate degree, you may need to apply for readmission. Students should speak with their Dean’s Office to determine whether readmission is required. (see the directory of colleges and departments).

To apply for readmission, complete the Undergraduate Application for Readmission.

Graduate degree candidates and permanent non-degree students who have withdrawn, or have not filed a leave of absence form with the Graduate School, and who wish to reenroll after an absence of one or more semesters (from the Kingston campus) must be readmitted through the Graduate School. The appropriate forms and information may be obtained from the Graduate School.

All applications for readmission must be submitted to the Degree Granting College no later than August 15 for the fall semester, and December 31 for the spring semester.

Been away from school for a while and need a helping hand?

The Finish What You Started Program is designed to work with students who have had a break in their education. Work with your personal FWYS coordinator who provides guidance from readmission to degree completion.
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