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Academic Standards and Calendar

Studies matters pertinent to the establishment and maintenance of high academic standards, proposes improved regulations and practices related to academic standards, studies the (six year) University Calendar as prepared by the Registrar’s office and presents the next sixth year calendar, with appropriate recommendations, to the Senate at its first December meeting. By-Laws 4.20 and UMAN 8.70.10 – 8.70.20


Joanna Burkhardt, LIB (19)
*Mayrai Gindy, CVE (19) Chair
Jessica L. Goren, PHP (19)
Anthony Mallilo, FAVS (18)
Bryna Wortman, THE (19)
John Humphrey, Senior Associate Director, Enrollment Services, ex officio
Kathy Collins, Vice President for Student Affairs, ex officio
University Ombudsman, ex officio
Kelly Watka, Student Senate Representative
Ro Percy, Student Senate Representative
Faculty Vacancy (18)
Graduate Student

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