Thesis and Dissertation Formatting Guidelines

The Thesis/Dissertation Guide is provided to clarify the standards set by the Graduate School at the University of Rhode Island and to describe the criteria used to approve a thesis or dissertation. Following the defense in the discipline under which the work is awarded, it must meet the standards described in this document. Power Point slides from our orientation session are found here.  


recent thesis or dissertation may be used for guidance, especially in disciplines like mathematics, which have special formatting problems. However, be aware that they may contain mistakes. Candidates are responsible for consulting with the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School regarding University requirements on preparation of the thesis or dissertation and on deadlines for submission.


MS Word Thesis Template is provided to assist the student in writing their thesis. It does not replace the instructions posted in the website. It is the student responsibility to adhere to the instructions when writing their thesis.

Thesis Templates
Library Rights Statement
Master of Arts Approval Page
Master of Science Approval Page
Sample Thesis Title Page (MS Word)


Dissertation Templates
Doctor of Business Administration Approval Page
Doctor of Philosophy Approval Page
Library Rights Statement
Sample Dissertation Title Page (MS Word)
Sample URI/RIC Dissertation Title Page (MS Word)
URI/RIC Doctor of Philosophy in Education Approval Page