Guide to Writing Your Thesis in LaTeX


So you’re finally going to write your thesis. The deadline is two days away. You haven’t started yet! Don’t worry, you’ll make it. This guide will show you the steps needed to write your thesis using LaTeX. It covers how to generate the preliminary material like the approval page and table of contents, and how to generate your bibliography and references.

This guide doesn’t cover how to use LaTeX itself, but some useful resources are listed at the bottom of this page.

Graduate School Requirements

The LaTeX format provided here is designed to conform to the thesis format specifications set down by the Graduate School. You might want to read the page on Thesis/Dissertation Preparation, which will explain the format in detail.

Getting Started

The following steps will allow you to generate this shell of a thesis. They will confirm that you have properly installed LaTeX , and that it is working correctly.

  1. Install LaTeX and a LaTeX aware editor
  2. Download the latest template files
  3. Verify that everything works, and that you can generate a thesis
  4. Configure the options specific to your thesis

Template Reference

Additional Resources