Graduate Housing Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is the person that holds the lease to the apartment and the person responsible for financial obligations. Housing agreement holders must sign a 12 month Housing Agreement and are solely responsible for all aspects of renting the apartment including: paying the security deposit, the monthly rent, the monthly utility charges, and any charges for damages to the apartment or adjoining facilities. Housing agreement holders who seek to have roommates with whom they can share the cost of the apartment are solely responsible for identifying and securing those roommates.

  • To be a housing agreement holder, you must be accepted at URI as a full-time matriculating graduate student, or a full-time matriculating non-traditional undergraduate student (25+ years of age or living with a spouse/child). Post-doctoral appointments and visiting faculty are accommodated on a space available basis.

    Note: You are considered a full-time graduate student if you are carrying a minimum of 9 credits per semester, or a minimum of 6 credits per semester with a full-time assistantship. Undergraduate students are considered full time carrying a minimum of 12 credits per semester.

  • As a housing agreement holder, you may have immediate family members (including same-sex partners) or eligible URI roommates live with you. Eligible URI roommates include:

    • matriculating graduate students of at least part-time status,
    • matriculating non-traditional undergraduate students (see #1 for criteria),
    • visiting scholars, and
    • post doctoral fellows.

    Note: Agreements between housing agreement holders and their roommates concerning financial matters and living arrangements are private agreements, and do not affect the contractual relationship between the housing agreement holder and URI.

  • You are applying to be a housing agreement holder of an apartment in the Graduate Village Apartments.  We cannot offer you an apartment if you are planning to be at URI for less than one calendar year.

  • AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! You can apply for housing any time after you have submitted your application to the university. There is no application fee to get on the Graduate Village waiting list, and there is no penalty for removing yourself from the waiting list if you find alternate housing. Due to high demand for these apartments, the waiting period can be 6 months or more during peak demand times. We cannot guarantee that an apartment will become available for you by a specific date.

  • Applications are processed through MyHousing.

  • You can be a roommate in the Graduate Village if you meet the eligibility guidelines (see #2). Many prospective roommates post a notice on the bulletin board located at the entrance to the apartment complex, or in our office stating that they want to be a roommate. You can also post and view ads at the Graduate Student Association. In addition, we recommend that you contact your department to see if they know of any graduate students who are looking for roommates.

  • Your name is added to our waiting list. We contact you via email prior to the date that you need the apartment, IF an apartment becomes available. Please remember that we cannot guarantee that an apartment will be available on the date needed. Communicate with our office regularly to determine where you stand on the waiting list. We will email you in mid-summer if we do not think that we will be able to accommodate you for the beginning of the upcoming school year.

  • You will receive an email offering you the apartment, then you have up to one week to respond to the email offer to let us know if you are interested in the apartment. We will help you schedule an appointment to view the apartment. If you are too far away to view it, you can either have someone you know view it for you, or you can choose to accept the apartment without a viewing. After you view the apartment, you have up to one week to let us know whether or not you will accept the offer. If you choose to accept the apartment, contact us to schedule your move-in appointment.

  • If you don’t want the apartment that you are offered, your name will either be placed at the bottom of the waiting list with a new prospective move-in date, or you can request to be removed from the waiting list.

  • On the day that you move into your apartment, you will come to the office to meet with the Office Assistant for your move-in appointment. At this appointment you will review and sign the housing agreement, pay your security deposit, and receive your apartment and mailbox keys. Move-in appointments are conducted during normal business hours. Arrangements can be made for extenuating circumstances based on staff availability. The day you sign your housing agreement is the day your rent begins.

  • You can post an ad on the bulletin board in the apartment complex (located at the entrance), in our office, and you can also post and view ads at the Graduate Student Association. You can also contact your department to see if they know of any incoming graduate students in need of housing.

    Note: Agreements between a housing agreement holders and their roommates concerning financial matters and living arrangements are private agreements and in no way change the contractual relationship between the housing agreement holder and URI.

  • Per the RI State Fire Marshall and the URI Department of Safety and Risk Management, the occupancy levels are as follows:

    • 2-bedroom apartments: Maximum of 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children
    • 3-bedroom apartments: Maximum of 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 children
  • There are two reasons. During the summer these apartments have a tendency to be damp. We provide 2 air conditioning units as well as a dehumidifier in our first floor apartments. We ask tenants in these apartments to use these appliances to remove the moisture from the air. In addition, these apartments are on cement slabs and do not have a basement beneath them. In the very cold weather the cold can radiate into the apartment requiring slightly more heat to keep the apartment warm. Electric bills can be higher in these apartments and so we compensate tenants by offering them at a reduced rent.

  • We mail bills out to each apartment on the first of each month. The bill is for that month’s rent plus the prior month’s electricity usage. The bill is delivered to your apartment’s mailbox, located at the entrance to the apartment complex, by the US Postal Service. The bill must be paid in our office (Graduate Village Apartment 615) by the 15th of each month.

  • No, utilities are not included. Water is supplied to the apartments at no extra cost to the tenant. Heat and hot water are electric.

  • Each apartment has its own electric meter. Your electric bill is based on the number of kilowatt hours used. URI charges you the same rate that the electric company charges the University. Bills are calculated using the less expensive industrial rate rather than the more expensive residential rate you would be charged off campus. We add the electric charges to your monthly rent bill each month and you pay it when you make your rent payment.

  • All of our apartments are unfurnished. The kitchens have full-size refrigerators and stoves/ovens.

  • No, there are only two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments in the Graduate Village.

  • The apartments have high speed wireless internet. Cable and phone services are not included, but you can set those up through a local provider such as Cox Communications after you move in, if you choose to have them.

  • Only fish in tanks that are 20 gallons or less are allowed in any on-campus housing.

  • The Graduate Student Association has an online bulletin board where people post notices when they are looking for a place to rent, are looking for roommates, or are trying to rent a place that they own. You can view other people’s ads and post your own.

    The Office of Commuter Housing has a listing of apartments and houses for rent off campus.

    The Office of International Students and Scholars can answer questions about making the transition to URI.

    Chinese Student Association can assist student from China find a place to live with other Chinese students.

    Indian Student Association can assist students from India find a place to live with other Indian students.

    Office of Disability Services can assist students with disabilities who need housing accommodations.

  • The security deposit is a check (we cannot accept cash or credit/debit cards) in the amount of one month’s rent made out to URI. We deposit these funds into an escrow account where it stays until you move out. When all inspections are completed after you move out, the staff will determine if there are any charges for outstanding rent, your final electric bill, excessive cleaning, damages, etc. Your security deposit will be used to pay those charges, and any remaining balance will be returned to you.

  • Each apartment is assigned a US Postal Service mailbox located at the entrance to the Graduate Village. Each apartment is issued two mailbox keys. If you have more than two people living in the apartment, you can share keys or have one person be responsible to pick up the mail daily. When you move in we will give you a note card to put in your mailbox.  On this card you must write your name, your roommate(s’) name(s), and your apartment number. You must put this card in your mailbox so that the letter carrier knows who is living in your apartment and will deliver mail to you. The letter carrier will not deliver mail if there is no name card in the box or if the mail is addressed to someone who is not listed on the card. Please remember to change the card as your roommates change. Extra cards are available at the Graduate Housing Office.

  • Our 100 apartments are located in 7 buildings. Each building has a laundry room with two washing machines and two dryers. The machines are coin-operated.  Clothes lines are located throughout the grounds.

  • Yes, there is a parking lot surrounding the apartment complex. Residents with cars can purchase a parking permit from Parking Services. Cars displaying the URI Apartment parking permit are allowed to park in the apartment parking lot. Cars without a parking sticker may receive warnings, tickets, fines, and risk being towed at the owner’s expense.

  • Yes, possibly. The Rhode Island Board of Education meets every year on June 30th to approve tuition, fees, and housing rates. These rates become effective July 1st for the next fiscal year. We will notify you in advance of any proposed rent increase.

  • No. Housing agreement holders are assigned to one apartment and must stay in that apartment for their entire tenure as a housing agreement holder. Requests to move to other apartments are not accepted. Apartment assignments are limited to one unit per family for the duration of residence in Graduate Village Apartments.

  • No. The Graduate Village Housing Agreement is not transferable to roommates. An apartment can be transferred to a spouse if s/he meets housing eligibility criteria. Transfers to spouses are only approved for one additional year, with the maximum amount of time for the family to occupy an apartment being 4 years. Transferring the Graduate Village Housing Agreement to one’s spouse requires the approval of the Assistant Director of Housing and Residential Life for Apartment Living and Specialty Housing.

  • We have a Community Center that is available for residents to use, that offers event space and a piano.  Only housing agreement holders can reserve the Community Center for a function.  Anyone interested in making a reservation should come to our office and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.  There is also a playground for resident children, as well as a community garden.

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