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Date: July 31, 1982



 To state policies and rules by the Federal Labor Department, the State of Rhode Island, and the University concerning overtime pay.


All employees must receive prior approval from the appropriate authority before working any hours which would commit the University to overtime pay, except in an emergency, in which case, said approval must be given the next day.



President of the University

Vice Presidents

Assistant Vice Presidents

Director and Assistant Director, Budget

Controller and Assistant Controller

Deans and Associate Deans

Business Manager

Administrator, Bookstore/Dining Services


Director, Academic/Administrative Computer Centers

Director, Admissions

Director, Alumni Affairs

Director, Athletics

Director, College of Continuing Education/Administration

Director, Development

Director, Financial Aid

Director, Health Services

Director, NBC/Business Office

Director, NBC/Facilities

Director, Office of Residential Life

Director, Physical Plant

Director, Property and Receiving

Director, Public Safety

Director, Student Life

Director, University Relations

Director, Memorial Union

Assistant Provost

Manager, Administrative Services

Manager, Printing Services


Supervising Buyer, University Purchases

Principal Investigators also have such authority only as it applies to personnel on grants, funds to which he/she is directly responsible.


 Overtime is defined as the required performance of work in excess of the established work week. For overtime compensation purposes there are three basic work weeks:

 1. Thirty-five (35) hour work week exclusive of unpaid lunch period.

2. A forty (40) hour work week exclusive of unpaid lunch period.

3. A non-standard work week.

 Compensation for authorized overtime work shall not be paid to employees in the non-standard work week category.


Whenever an employee is required to work on a holiday which falls on his/her regularly scheduled workday, the employee shall be credited with the number of hours in his official work schedule for that day, plus the number of hours actually worked at the rate of one and one-half time. Time and one-half shall be paid for approved work performed in excess of appropriate established work week. The following exceptions are authorized in appropriate contractual agreements.

1. An employee represented by the Association of Clerical Technicals/National Education Association may elect to take compensatory time in lieu of cash with the approval of the supervisor.

2. Employees represented by Council 94/Local 528 – when funds become unavailable within a department to pay cash for authorized work performed between thirty-five and forty hours for employees on a thirty-five hour work week schedule, compensatory time shall be credited to the affected employee at the rate of one and one-half times such hours. However, in any event, an employee may elect to take compensatory time in lieu of cash for the hours between thirty-five and forty.


Eligible non-classified employees who earn less than $14,000 annually shall be paid for approved work in excess of the established work week at the rate of time and one-half. Where sea pay is involved refer to appropriate union contract.


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