Landscape Architecture Department Chair’s Welcome

Dr. WIll Green

Dr. WIll Green

Welcome to landscape architecture at the University of Rhode Island. Please take a moment to browse through our web site to see student work, learn about our students, faculty and facilities as well as what we are doing in class and studio.

Our close proximity to the ocean and major cities such as Boston, Providence and New York provides us with a wide range of unique learning opportunities. What makes us unique and an exciting place to study landscape architecture is that we not only think Big, but we think Green, Brown and Blue.

Green describes our focus on sustainable design practices and materials.  It is what we need to teach and what we want you to learn in order to achieve our objectives of preparing you for careers in the professional of landscape architecture and protecting, preserving and restoring the landscapes around us.

Brown describes our focus on urban and disturbed landscapes that characterize our cities, towns, industrial areas.  The issues, implications, practices and skills that are needed to transform these landscapes from liabilities to assets are what we teach about and what we want you to learn.

Blue refers to the Ocean State and our focus on edges and coastal resources.  With climate change, concerns with the oceans and population growth occurring in coastal areas we need designers to carefully plan the future coastal environments in which we will live, work and play while doing so in ways that protect our coastal ecosystems while and accommodate the future changes in our global environment.

What makes us stand out is that while our faculty expertise is in landscape architecture, we also have faculty with expertise in community planning and geography, and others we collaborate with who are in ecology, plant sciences, art and other sciences.  Our strengths are clearly in our student body, which is small in number, high in energy and achievement, diverse in age and background, and hails from New England and beyond; in our 24-7 facility, Rodman Hall, which is open, airy and linked; and in our program, that combines coursework and studio classes with service learning, internships, independent projects, field trips, and a public lecture series that brings the best and most accomplished designers from around the region, nation and world to our Kingston Campus.  With all of these strengths and activities, our students get to know their faculty very well and we get to know you.  Come visit URI and discover landscape architecture in South County where we think Big and you will too!