Coastal Communities

cpmgThe United States began as and remains a nation dominated by its coastal communities. According to the 2010 Census, 39% of the nation’s population lives in coastal shoreline counties, even though these counties represent less than 10% of the nation’s land area, excluding Alaska. According to the United Nations, approximately 40% of the world’s population lives within 100 kilometers of the coast. Coastal communities are both uniquely valuable and vulnerable. Coastal communities can be immensely important areas for global trade, tourism, agriculture, aquaculture, and fishing. Due to the importance of coastal communities to many civilizations, coastal areas also hold a wealth of historical and archeological sites. However, coastal areas can also include highly productive, but extremely vulnerable, ecosystems. Furthermore, coastal settlements are vulnerable to sea level rise and intense coastal storms. Consequently, managing the human use of the coastal margin requires an interdisciplinary approach that has a solid foundation in natural science, social science, and policy. Students who are interested in coastal communities have found positions in federal and state coastal management programs, local government, nonprofit organizations, and private consulting firms.

Faculty working in this area:
Courses offered in MAF:
  • MAF 100 Human Use and Management of the Marine Environment
  • MAF 120 New England and the Sea
  • MAF 220 Introduction to Marine and Coastal Law
  • MAF 312 The Politics of the Ocean
  • MAF 330 World Shipping
  • MAF/Anthro 413 People and the Sea
  • MAF 415 Marine Pollution Policy
  • MAF 461 Coastal Zone Management
  • MAF 465 GIS Applications in Coastal and Marine Management
  • MAF 472 Coastal Tourism Studies
  • MAF 475 Human Responses to Coastal Hazards and Disasters
  • MAF 484 Environmental Analysis and Policy in Coastal Management
  • MAF 511 Ocean Uses and Marine Sciences
  • MAF 515 Marine Pollution Policy
  • MAF 516 Seminar on the Urban Waterfront
  • MAF 521 Coastal Zone Law
  • MAF 526 Management of Marine Protected Areas
  • MAF/NRS 527 Marine Protected Areas: An Interdisciplinary Analysis
  • MAF 564 Port Operations and Policy
  • MAF 582 Coastal Ecosystem Governance