Kristen Ounanian

Program: Ph.D. graduate 2016
Current Position:
Assistant Professor of Marine Governance and Coastal Community Development
Center for Innovative Fisheries Management
Department of Development and Planning
Aalborg University


Upon receipt of dual doctoral degrees from University of Rhode Island and Aalborg University, Kristen Ounanian accepted a position with Aalborg University as Assistant Professor of Marine Governance and Coastal Community Development. Kristen will continue her research and writing on various articulations of fisheries dependence and the experiences of transition in coastal communities. She also plans to develop research on the nexus of the fishing industry, tourism, and heritage and contribute to research on marine governance in the European Union. Prior to her graduate studies, Kristen received a Fulbright fellowship to Denmark and worked as a research assistant at Meridian Institute in Washington, DC and Innovative Fisheries Management in Aalborg, Denmark. Kristen appreciates the knowledge she gained in international ocean governance, federal agencies and programming, and fisheries management and policy while a MAF student. In addition to the knowledge gained, Kristen values the relationships she developed with Masters and Doctoral students throughout her time at URI.