MAF researchers team up with WHOI scientist in new article on aquaculture in RI

Aquaculture_8.6.17MAF professors Dalton and Thompson, WHOI scientist Di Jin, and URI undergraduate Allie Katzanek recently published a new article in the Marine Policy journal on aquaculture in Rhode Island.  To better understand public opinion about aquaculture, researchers conducted a state-wide survey of RI residents.  Findings showed that respondents do not strictly support or oppose aquaculture development; instead support depends on the waterbody where the aquaculture is occurring, the amount of area used for aquaculture, and ways in which aquaculture is conducted.  Results also indicated that the support for shellfish aquaculture development in two RI waterbodies declined with increasing levels of aquaculture activities.  Comparisons among groups highlight disagreement on the level beyond which shellfish aquaculture development is no longer acceptable, also known as the social carrying capacity.

The article can be accessed here.