Other_researchStudents interested in conservation study planning and management processes for conservation, complex interactions of people and protected areas, and the potential social and ecological impacts of conservation efforts. Recently established global targets promote conservation of at least 10% of the world’s coastal and marine environments. With less than 2% of the oceans currently conserved in protected areas, countries around the world are working to enhance conservation efforts. These efforts occur at different scales (local communities, country-level, international arena) and address diverse issues (resource protection, fisheries enhancement, community development, others). Students draw on perspectives from a variety of social and natural science disciplines to explore the social, cultural, political and ecological dimensions of conservation. Courses in marine protected area management, interdisciplinary analyses of protected areas, and others equip our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to actively participate in conservation planning and management in the US and around the world.

Students studying Conservation have found positions in natural resource planning and management, environmental organizations, and in academia.

Faculty working on Conservation:
Courses offered:
  • MAF 526: Management of Marine Protected Areas
  • MAF 527: Marine Protected Areas: an interdisciplinary analysis
  • MAF 472: Coastal Tourism Studies