Spatial Planning & Management

Recreation_n_tourismStudents interested in coastal and marine spatial planning and management (CMSP&M) study how people think about, engage in, and manage their activities in coastal and ocean spaces. Particular attention is paid to decision making processes, scientific data and information used in planning and management, spatial and temporal patterns of use, and human connections with coastal and ocean spaces. As coastal and marine environments experience growing pressures from increased coastal populations and higher resource demands, countries around the world are encouraging the use of comprehensive ecosystem-based strategies like CMSP&M. Courses in GIS mapping, coastal management, marine protected area management, and others equip our students with the knowledge and tools to contribute meaningfully to on-going spatial planning and management efforts in the US and around the world.

Students studying CMSP&M have found positions with planning agencies at local, state, regional and federal levels, non-government organizations, and in academia.

Faculty working on Spatial Planning & Management:
Courses offered:
  • MAF 465: GIS Applications in Coastal and Marine Management
  • MAF 461: Coastal Zone Management
  • MAF 472: Coastal Tourism Studies
  • MAF 526: Management of Marine Protected Areas
  • MAF 527: Marine Protected Areas: an interdisciplinary analysis
  • MAF 582: Coastal Ecosystem Governance