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Assessments of Community Water Systems

Beginning in 2003, the RI Department of Health and the University of Rhode Island Cooperative Extension completed assessments of all major water suppliers as part of the Rhode Island Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP). These assessments focus on the drinking water supply watersheds and groundwater recharge areas where “source water,” from streams, lakes, and interconnected underground aquifers, recharges water supply wells and replenishes water supply reservoirs. In many cases, the water service area is not the same as the source water area from where the water comes.

To find out where your water comes from, visit the RI Water Resources Board.

To obtain assessment results for small community public water systems not included here, visit the RI Department of Health website.

For assessments of non-community public water systems, contact the RI Department of Health  at 401-222-6867.

Assessments can be browsed as full reports, summary fact sheets, maps, or by community below:

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