11 New Certified Level I Kingian Nonviolence Trainers!


Congrats to 11 new Level I trainers who completed the PSY478 Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation class at URI and demonstrated proficiency in teaching the 2-Day Introductory course! We hope that this new learning experience will add peace to their personal lives and to the communities they touch. We’re proud!

(Top) Paul, Ali Warburton, Jeff Munoz, Katie French, Bri Pellatier, Ana Mouradjain, Kathryn Dufresne, Kathleen O’Boyle, Kay

(Middle) Nicole Mason, Tiffani Carcieri, Ariel Vacca, Moneé Reis

(1st) Our awesome TAs: Lauren Feely, Brittany Bouchard, Kayla Harvey, Mike Bonilla (Not pictured – Becky Kayode)