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The Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies is an internationally-recognized academic gathering place where students, scholars, educators–the change makers–come together to promote mutual understanding, reconcile conflicts, and build peaceful, sustainable, and inclusive communities.

Here students gain expertise in human rights and peace studies through interdisciplinary academic coursework, nonviolence training, and hands-on experience. Faculty and scholars form unique interdisciplinary partnerships and access research on social justice and nonviolence–including one of the largest human rights data sets in the world.

Center Updates

  • Launch of the World’s Largest Human Rights Dataset - The CIRIGHTS launched the world’s largest Human Rights Dataset at the University of Rhode Island’s (URI) Kingston campus on Friday, December 9, 2022. The CIRIGHTS project is a collaboration between the University of Rhode Island and Binghamton University. Dr. Brendan Skip Mark directs the project from URI, Dr. David L. Cingranelli, and Dr. Mikhail Filippov […]
  • Human rights activist educates community on repression in Tibet - By Ellie Sennhenn – November 17, 2022 Ngawang Sangdrol is a human rights activist who came to speak at URI about her work fighting for freedom. PHOTO CREDIT: gwarlingo.com The University of Rhode Island’s Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies’ ongoing lecture series has given international human rights activists a platform to share their stories of fighting for […]
  • Activism for Peace and Human Rights in Tibet - By: Kay Bueno de Mesquita I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing, courageous Tibetan woman on Wednesday evening, November 9, 2022, at a special program sponsored by the URI Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies. Ngawang Sangdrol spoke of her struggle for freedom in her native Tibet, which has been occupied by China since […]
Bringing people here and sharing this knowledge is going to change the world.
Amani Matabaro Tom