Nicole Mason



(Level I-2015)

Certified in PSY478: Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Resolution Course, 2015

My career goal is to one day be a behavioral health counselor, working with children through adults, specifically who are located in an urban setting. I spent time in one addiction recovery center in my hometown of Bridgeport, CT that is extremely financially underprivileged, with high rates of crime, gang violence, and drug use. In my future, I will be able to use and educate my clients about some of the lessons I learned in my nonviolence training and also evoke change in the school systems and political systems like of housing, finances, and legal policies. At the addiction center many parents who were victims of gang violence and street crimes made statements like, “ I don’t want my kids to grow up the same way I did.” I hope with some of the strategies I learned from this training, I may be able to help change that!