Children’s Book Celebrates Peace

Terri SchimmelThe Center supports Rhode Island children’s book author Teresa Schimmel with her new book, “David’s War, David’s Peace.” In a celebration of peace, Terry is having an exciting book event in the Kingston Free Library, 3-5:00 May 3: Terry will read from her book, Center Director, Paul Bueno de Mesquita will speak, the audience can make peace flags with Peace RI Director Ginny Fox, children from Robin Wildman’s 5th Grade class will make a presentation on Nonviolence, Folk Musician Joyce Katzberg will perform songs of peace. Everyone is welcome to enjoy an afternoon of peace!

Terry Schimmel taught elementary students for 26 years and is currently an early childhood consultant. In her vast experience with young children, Terry has recognized the power of using  literature to help children better understand themselves, their emotions, and their relationships with others. Her first book, Sunny, was the story of Mandy, a child in foster care. It was written to help foster children gain some insight into their emotions, and to expand all children’s awareness about foster families. The story emerged from her own experiences as a foster care mom.

Her latest book, David’s War/David’s Peace merges two books into one with the story of conflict and peacemaking. In this book, a young boy befriends a rabbit, who takes him to his meadow home. He tells him of the invasion of woodchucks. David devises a war plan to  get rid of the woodchucks but as with most wars, this results in tragedy. Turn the book upside down and Book 2 begins, David’s Peace.  In this story David chooses a different course of action. He mediates the conflict between the rabbits and woodchucks. The resulting peace plan brings harmony to the creatures of the meadow.

The book is designed for elementary and middle school children to read independently or with their teacher or
parent. Its purpose is to help children to see the consequences of war and the possibilities of solving conflict through nonviolent strategies.