Carolyn Hughes

New York, USA

(Level I – 2016)
(Level II – 2017)

Carolyn HughesI taught education at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN for 20 years. Now I am a researcher in New York City and work with the NYC Public Schools. At Vanderbilt, I taught a class where my students mentored youth from high-poverty area high schools. Many of these students’ lives had been affected by violence. In Brooklyn where I now live, I often see violence—either physical or verbal—on the streets or subways. I know there must be another way for people to get along with each other. In Nashville, I met Bernard LaFayette and other Freedom Riders from the 1960s. They practiced a nonviolent approach to working with the opposition to promote civil rights. My colleagues and I would like to start a nonviolence training center in Nashville to reduce youth homicide and violence. I am looking forward to learning skills at the Summer Institute that will help us do so.